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< World Music, Soul Song >

  • 50min* 4 episode, UHD
  • Synopsis :
    What is the meaning of music to the people who have been
    in rough and contradictory life? Musical Journey to South
    Africa, Cuba and Brazil.

< Breaking Limits >

  • 50min*2 episode, UHD
  • Synopsis :
    Winter Olympic is the feast of limitless records.
    Are new world records the power of human or science?

< SSIREUM : Korean Wrestling >

  • 50min* 3episode, UHD
  • Synopsis :
    SSIREUM, Korean wrestling is the one of ancient plays and
    the first ever sports by humankind. This documentary unfolds
    the secret the oldest ever human sport.

< Colorholic >

  • 50min*1 episode, UHD
  • Synopsis :
    Will the man who dominates the color rule the world? Stories
    about people who have been creating the economic values
    through colorful business in China, Japan and Korea.

< Beyond >

  • 60 minutes * 9 episode
  • Synopsis :
    How could have human being carried out scientific
    development through history? What can human being do
    in this rapidly innovating world? Stories about science
    beyond human being, human being beyond science

< Regenerated Cities >

  • 50min* 2 episode
  • Synopsis :
    What are the trends and good examples about regenerated
    cities of the world? This documentary shows the importance
    of regeneration and its effect, and the future, too.

< JeJu, The Island of Female Divers >

  • 50min*1 episode
  • Synopsis :
    Female divers have been the important part of Jeju economy.
    This documentary shows the hidden beauty of Jeju Island in
    the eye of Jeff Hutchinson, photographer of National
    Geographic Channel.

< Garden of Gods:
Secret of Chosun Kings; Tombs >

  • 50min*1 episode
  • Synopsis :
    Tombs by Chosun Dynasty have been known as the Garden of
    Gods. And now this documentary unfolds the secret of their
    mysterious architecture which made them survived
    undamaged for last 500 years.

< The Miracles of Fingertips >

  • 50min*1episode
  • Synopsis :
    The miraculous story about five blind children who want to
    show the world with real cameras.