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< That Man, Oh Soo >, OCN

  • 60 minutes * Episodes: 16
  • Casting : Lee Jong-Hyeong / Kim So-Eun
  • Synopsis :
    If you have power to see people’s real emotion, will it be a
    blessing or curse? Romantic love story between a cursed man
    and enchanted woman.

< Reunited Worlds >, SBS

  • 60 minutes * Episodes: 20
  • Casting : Yeo Jin-Goo / Lee Yeon-Hee / Ahn Jae-Hyeon
  • Synopsis :
    Romantic love story between a boy and a girl with 12 years
    age gap. The sweet heart in the high school time disappeared
    for last 12 years and suddenly came back to our world again
    but seems to be never grown old. Can they fall in love again?

< SPY >, KBS

  • 60 minutes * Episodes: 16
  • Casting : Kim Jae-Joong / Bae Jong-Ok
  • Synopsis :
    Drama series about Sun-Woo, an agent in the National
    Intelligence Service, and his mother, a former North Korean
    spy Hye-Rim

< Missing Wife >, KBS

  • 70 minutes *Episode: 1
  • Casting : Cho Hee-Bong / Lee Se-Eun
  • Synopsis :
    You don't know what's truly important until it's gone.
    After his wife suddenly disappears, a man who has been
    experiencing the common marriage comes to rediscover love
    as he runs the household and searches for his wife.

< The Dirge Singer >, KBS

  • 78 minutes *episode: 1
  • Casting : Kim Yu-Jeong / Seo Jun-Yeong
  • Synopsis :
    Drama is about a young girl who struggles to escape her fate
    as a dirge singer but realizes in the end that funeral songs and
    narrative songs are one, that a true dirge singer, born again
    as a true narrative singer, is a record of painstaking growth.

< Girl at 0 Hour >, MBC

  • Web Drama, 10 mins *episodes: 8
  • Casting : Nam Tae-Hyun / Seo Min-Ji
  • Synopsis :
    Jidan has dropped out of famous audition program and lost
    his dream of being a singer. Living in despair, he found himself
    stuck at the haunted karaoke bar. Without success of escape,
    he finds that every midnight, the karaoke turns into a
    glamorous stage. Is it a dream

<The Magic Thousand-Character Classic>, KBS

  • 30 minutes * Episodes: 24
  • Casting : Raehyun / Chun E-Seul
  • Synopsis :
    A children's drama about the leading characters who are
    reincarnated to the modern world. They are on a struggle to
    find 10 of the magic characters that are scattered all over the
    human world